I edited this short documentary that was an official Sundance Selection in 2006. This is just a clip of the full documentary. "What I love about dying is a short documentary about the life and untimely death of story-teller and political activist, Kris Kovick. A staple in the San Francisco spoken word scene, Kovick was known for speaking her mind so it came as no surprise that when diagnosed with cancer she was as outspoken about her illness as she had been about everything else in her life. A year before her death, Silas Howard and Harry Dodge asked if they could interview Kovick. They spent the afternoon discussing discount funerals, gratitude and her delight that no one asks you to help them move when you have cancer. The queer community has often found itself at the forefront of social issues, with Kovick as our guide the film offers a glimpse into what it is like to be an outsider in a community that honors and celebrates outsiders. Recognizing the right to die as one of the most relevant discussions today, Kovick used her special brand of activism to participate in this discussion. A twisted prankster and conspiracy theorist Kovick made us realize, with ambiguous hope, that perhaps we are all sick. And ultimately poses the question, 'At what point does a person have the right to end it?' "