This is a music video I made in collaboration with the musician M|GHTHAUNT in 2016.
Music / Concept / Acting: Cheikh Athj as M|GHTHAUNT
Directing / Camera / Editing: Sowjanya Kudva
Assistant Director / "The Ancestor": Alicia Solstice Woods
Additional Camera: Kayla Watkins

From M|GHTHAUNT: "One Senegalese-Islamic ancestral belief says that after you have endured a nightmare, to do your jappu (washing before prayer) helps cleanse the spirit / psyche of trauma accrued in the dreamscape -- it is with this intention that the video begins. But what happens when the actions meant to "protect" you only draw closer the energies you sought to evade? What does it mean to be haunted by a spirit that is more like you than you thought you knew? Whose house are you at the mercy of?

This is the official video for Who House? the first single off M|GHTHAUNT's self-titled EP."