In 2014, I started volunteering as a guest speaker at BAYCAT, a San Francisco nonprofit that offers free media education to low-income students in an effort to close the Digital Divide. I mentored first-time directors Alex Sorto and Hugo Castillo throughout their process of making the video. The song, Hard Times, was written, produced, and performed by students of BAYCAT.

"Hard Times" feat. Angela, Amir, Zevonte, & Isaiah (Palindrome).
Produced by Palindrome

Directors & Cinematographers: Alex Sorto & Hugo Castillo
Editor & Titles: Alex Sorto
Assistant Editor: Hugo Castillo
Producers: Sowjanya Kudva, Zara Ahmed
Gaffer: D'Arion Curry-Matthews
1st Assistant Director: Kamau Montague
Art Director: Ginger Chen
Behind the Scene: Ramses Mosley-Wise
Playback: Stella Gutierrez
Production Assistants: Ciku Karanja, Abby Pfunder

Special Thanks:
Ryan Scura
Harper B. Keenan