I directed, produced, and edited this video with my friends from Bread Uprising in Durham NC. Using this video, we launched an IndieGoGo campaign in which we met our goal and raised over $10,000.

They are excellent bakers who have a strong vision of community solidarity and food sovereignty in Durham:

"We believe that every person has a right to food that is appropriate to that person and their culture. By food, we mean delicious food, nutritious food, comfort food, food of ritual, and food of celebration. By the right to food we mean not just immediate access to food on the table, but the resources and time to choose, grow, store, preserve, prepare and share food.

We believe in an economy based on love and solidarity, where people can be daily bread for each other, and provide for our communal well-being.

We understand that people’s access to food is limited by oppression in all forms, including the exploitative and dehumanizing relationships structured by the capitalist system, the global dominance of a destructive and profit-driven industrial food system, sexism, racism, heterosexism, transphobia and classism."