This is a 40-minute, educational documentary that I made about the queer-of-color fight against North Carolina's Amendment One, a piece of legislation that stripped domestic partnerships of their rights in 2012. The organizers took a unique electoral position by educating and encouraging people to think beyond gay marriage, cultivating an inclusive campaign fought at the intersection of many social justice movements.

“All of Us NC moved me deeply and gave me an instructive tool to help social justice activists understand that progress comes in many legitimate forms. Watch it to learn how to squeeze the best results out of attack and loss.”
– Rinku Sen, Executive Director of the Applied Research Center and Publisher of

"This heart-warming, community-building film about human dignity and equal rights centers on the North Carolina fight against gay marriage. No matter who wins, the screen is filled with authentic, earnest and loving folk of all colors and ethnicities. It just does your heart good! Watch it, see it, bring it to your neck of the woods. You won't be sorry."
- Barbara Hammer, Visual Artist

I produced, directed, shot, and edited this film. You can learn more about this documentary from the website.