All of Us – Documentary Trailer

All of Us Trailer from Sowjanya Kudva on Vimeo. Here’s the trailer for a 40-minute documentary that I made about the queer-of-color fight against North Carolina’s Amendment One, a piece of legislation that stripped domestic partnerships of their rights in 2012. The organizers took a unique electoral position by educating and encouraging queers to think ...


This is a trailer for the feature length documentary I post produced and edited. It follows one growing season of three organic farms in the Hudson Valley of New York State.

The Day After Amendment One, Our Win is Bigger

SONG and I made this short piece, from beginning to end, in 5 hours, the day of the primary election of 2012 in Durham NC. SONG wanted to have a message ready in the case of a loss in the Amendment One fight, which took away the rights of domestic partnership and civil unions across ...

Farewell, My Subaru

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Premiered on In his best selling memoir “Farewell, My Subaru,” journalist and NPR contributor, Doug Fine attempts to “kick oil, live organically and keep his goats out of the rosh bushes.” He writes of his experiments and misadventures on his way to fully sustainable living.

Gay in LA

This is a short documentary about queer life in Los Angeles, inspired by the documentary Word is Out. It’s something I’d like to do in cities around the world, eventually fleshing it out into a feature. This was made completely out of pocket and passion. Fundraising purposes only.

What I Love About Dying

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This is a short clip from the film. What I love about Dying is a short documentary about the life and untimely death of story-teller and political activist, Kris Kovick. A staple in the San Francisco spoken word scene, Kovick was known for speaking her mind. It came as no surprise that when diagnosed with ...