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Filmmaker @ sowjfilms | Assistant Professor  of Cinema & Television Arts @ Elon UniversitySchool of Communications

I have been working in video production for nearly two decades. I write, produce, direct, shoot, and/or edit for corporate clients, non­profits, independent filmmakers, and my own passion projects. Over the years, I have worked in Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Durham, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, cultivating a robust network of filmmakers, freelancers, artists, activists, production houses, and all around amazing people. In 2014, I started mentoring San Francisco youth in filmmaking practice and theory, and quickly learned that I loved teaching. I decided to pursue teaching and become a professor—completing a 3-year MFA in Film & Media Arts at Temple University in 2019. I now work as an Assistant Professor in Cinema & Television Arts within the School of Communication at Elon University.


  • comics making & theory
  • media literacy pedagogy
  • political economy of communications
  • production cultures & interpersonal group dynamics
  • writing pedagogy

My professional and academic experiences inform my teaching philosophy, which incorporates both practical and ethical considerations of instruction and curriculum design. In the classroom, I promote a solutions-oriented mindset, helping students develop the skills to successfully negotiate the challenges of making media. Ethically, I believe that filmmaking is about collaboration and building trust in relationships. Therefore, I encourage safe and open inquiry in the classroom by involving my students in the process and holding us all accountable for creating a safe space together. I have noticed that students flourish in a classroom culture that allows for growth through mistakes, and that a non-judgemental environment makes room for a spectrum of ideas and the vulnerability required for creativity. I also believe my ethical responsibility is to prepare a diverse curriculum that expands upon mainstream forms of media, fosters critical analysis, and helps students broaden their perspective and find their own unique voice.

non-binary, queer, 1st-gen South Asian
I am always excited to meet new filmmakers/artists/educators. I would love to connect and collaborate with fellow queer/trans/non-binary people of color and allies—so please feel free to reach out!

(sowjanya [dot] kudva [at] gmail [dot] com)
(skudva [at] elon [dot] edu)


MFA Film & Media Arts
Temple University 2019
| Concentration | Screenwriting & Comics Scripting
| Award | 3-year Future Faculty Fellowship

BFA Filmmaking
North Carolina School of the Arts 2003
| Concentration | Editing & Sound
| Award | Krispy Kreme Scholarship (seriously, it’s real)

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